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My gallery is very mixed bag, but that's due to the fact that I lack talent with a pencil and have to make do with what I do have. Inside you will find literature, cosplay, digital coloring, photography, comics, photocomics, and all manners of silliness.

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Gift art and commissions of my original characters, all from wonderful artists! And yes, I'm aware that most of the characters in here are wolves. What can I say? They're my favorite animal.

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 6:05 PM
Oh man, Flash Fic Month is a brutal mistress. I'm a couple days behind thanks to yesterday's drama killing my muse, but I'm still determined to actually do all 31 days this year.

In the meantime, check out these great stories from other participants!
Knight TroublesHer many heads restless in the evening air, Hydra watched the knight right up to his arrival on one of their tongues. The first misfortune was the sharp twang of metal against the roof of her mouth; the second occured several hours later as the knight's remains bubbled around, bloating her stomach.
The third, and final, misfortune was the infection that moved through her like wildfire, racing from their singular body and spreading to each and every head, leaving her snuffly, achy, and terribly ill.
Free To Good Home'Nae absently tapped her fingers against the keyboard. The cat had to go, but she just couldn't bring herself to lie as blatantly as the ad she'd found him in. "Somewhat incendiary" it'd said, right after "good with kids" and "declawed". They hadn't mentioned that the damn thing liked to bite. She knew, now, why they'd been so keen for her to have him and go. At the time she'd thought they were just being nice, waiving the microchip fee. She knew better now, but it was too late to do any good.
"GAH!" 'Nae's frustration rose with the memory of the way she'd been tricked, and she thumped the keys in irritation. A growl came from behind the door, and she double-checked the barricade. She could hear the thing chewing on something, and she shuddered. She hadn't been quick enough to grab Mr Tickles when she fled in here, and he'd fallen victim to the evil thing. His blood was smeared across her wolf rug now.
"Intelligent zombie-cat thing," she typed out. "Declawed, somewhat incendiary. Free.
eugenics in bulkBy the time she was twelve they had already decided she would marry a man who could run a five minute mile and speak seven languages.  They chose her a husband the same way they had chosen her eyes and her legs and the pale freckles that interrupted her nose - the same way their parents had designed their children and arranged their marriages, strategic.
Her father called her petite reine. He owned an antique chess board carved from ebony wood and maple.  Some days she'd sneak into the library, pry open the old chequered box and pick out one of the queens, and she'd turn it round and round, searching for imperfections. It was a plain, ugly thing, huge and fat in her tiny grasp.  She had wondered if he thought of her this way.  
She wondered the same now.  
Her hands were not her own.  A businessman in a white coat had grown them slender and strong, built her carbon fiber bones and nails like arrowheads.  Her mother reminded her of this when the
Among The StarsBehind me, I could hear the tell-tale rustling of my undersuit, the noise so faint yet audible, as the material was pulled down a few inches. I welcomed the touch of cold air against the expanse of my bare skin, breathing in with pleasure at how the slight chill instantly cooled my burning body. God, it wasn’t exactly easy – not to mention a bit uncomfortable – when you’re fighting on a planet’s surface dressed in a titanium and ceramic composite armour plating which made up the ODST Battle Dress Uniform.
Warm callused hands gently caressed my right shoulder blade, the movements fleeting and accurate in the examination of that precise area. It didn’t last long, and when the male medic shuffled into my line of vision I searched his face for any clues, hints as to whether the unreleased news was good or bad.
“The skin seems a bit inflamed, but then again that’s perfectly normal when it comes to minor plasma burns,” he told me, profess
Gnaw, NidhoggThe seed burst open, unable to contain the life force within, one piece discarded in the shallow soil as the roots dove below and spread faster, faster, seeking the water, sucking it out from the deepest wells until the water tables had retreated halfway to the core of the planet.
At the same time the shoots stabbed higher and higher, leaves patterned with straight lines as if nothing, not even the veins, was permitted to disrupt its directionality, and in the blink of an eye or a thousand years—it's never easy to tell with these things—a teeming mass of leaves as ubiquitous as maggots on a corpse, each one an arrow thrusting through the weakening soil, leaching the nutrients with fervor.
And the parasite of the world fed, and spread its tendrils, and waited for death.
Caged AnimalYou're examining your skin in the mirror, trying to work out why it doesn't fit right anymore, when the voices startle you. Shouts of "breakfast!" echo in the hall, and nurses crash fists against wood, rapping loud to get the attention of sleepy patients. You jump slightly, and send your toothbrush skittering across the floor. While you chase it, another patient flushes and steps from the toilet cubicle into the main room. Her bare feet scrape against the linoleum and you shudder. You throw your toothbrush in the bin and run your fingers over your teeth instead, remembering what it used to be like.
When you finally find and make it into the dining room, it is obvious that most of the best foods are already gone. There is a sad looking hot water machine with a selection of styrofoam cups out of their packaging. You think about how many hands have touched those before you and decide to skip the morning caffeine entirely. Unbidden, you remember the dining area at your last treatment facil
TragediesThere is a special place in heaven for we who have died way before our time, during moments that should have been the best and the brightest of our lives. The angels, who have felt no pain and tasted no death, attempt to drown out their whispering under the beating of their massive wings. They forget that their voices are the rumbling of thunder, the howling of hurricanes. These are a few of the urban legends they gossip about:
         The Almost Engaged
Once there was a couple, unmarried but happily living together. The man would always bring the woman breakfast in bed the morning of her birthday. Blueberry muffins, baby tomatoes, toasted crabstick sandwiches cut into triangles. Their two kids would squeeze lemons or oranges for juice. One year the woman noticed her boyfriend acting jittery the week leading to her birthday. She feared he’d grown sick of her and now wanted to break it off. But the morning of her 35th birthday, he brought her a tra

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