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My gallery is very mixed bag, but that's due to the fact that I lack talent with a pencil and have to make do with what I do have. Inside you will find literature, cosplay, digital coloring, photography, comics, photocomics, and all manners of silliness.

Random from My Characters by Other Artists

Gift art and commissions of my original characters, all from wonderful artists! And yes, I'm aware that most of the characters in here are wolves. What can I say? They're my favorite animal.

Random Favourites




:new: So better get on your entries! Does anybody need an extension?

And since we're all here, check out the entries received so far!
Craiglist Dragon Date by Rene-L wolf: coloured by Digimon86 Hands Up! by Zimeta Not Bellowed by Kigai-Holt .: Contest Entry - Omega :. by Wotansvogel

The Challenge:

Translate my short stories from the verbal to the visual! Pick your favorite from the list below and draw a scene or characters from it! Action, drama, science fiction, romance, humans, robots, werewolves... There should be something down there for everybody. Some characters already have references, but some don't. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Some stories contain characters that belong to my friends, but feel free to draw them as well!

The Rules:

Bullet; GreenTo enter, +fave this journal and +watch me so you can get updates for the contest. If you don't dig me, you can always un-watch once we're done.
Bullet; GreenPost a journal advertizing this contest and leave a comment with a link to your plug. You can delete the journal 48 hours later if you don't want to clutter your own page.
Bullet; GreenDraw an illustration depicting a character or a scene from one of the stories below.
Bullet; GreenYou may submit as many entries as you like!
Bullet; GreenEntries will be judged by faithfulness to the source material and complexity of the image.
Bullet; GreenIn the description under your entry, include a link to the original story and this contest article.
Bullet; GreenSend your entries to me in a note so I can add them to this folder.
Bullet; GreenEntries must comply with the dA Terms of Service and be filed into the correct category. Any stock material must be properly credited. Also, no bases! Entries must be completely made by you.
Bullet; Green To avoid winner-dominance, previous years' first place winners will be barred from First Place this year. They will still be allowed a shot at Second Place, but let's give someone else a chance to place first this year, yes?

The Prizes!

:star:First Place:star:
6 months premium membership
1,600:points: donated by Moonbeam13 
A digital art piece by Sidonie!
A brand-spankin' new RHYTHM-brand MP3 PLAYER with about ONE HUNDRED OF MY FAVORITE SONGS loaded into it!
Shaded and colored bust/head shot by Whitelupine
Icon by WasabiFox

Second Place
1,200:points: donated by Moonbeam13
MOC Transformers Classics Bumblebee (2007)
The Pride of Chanur by C. J. Cherryh, one of my favorite books
Shaded and colored bust/head shot by Whitelupine
Icon by WasabiFox

Third Place
800:points: donated by Moonbeam13
Shaded and colored bust/head shot by Whitelupine
Icon by WasabiFox
Colored picture in this style by EcoRuins

I'm also accepting donations to the prize pool. If you're interested in donating to the pool for some cross-promotion, just drop me a message.

The Deadline

Friday, April 24th, midnight.

The Source Material:

The Adventurers: Good-Guys for Hire Bk. 1 Ch. 1BOOK ONE

And it came to pass, that a mighty civilization arose from the Earth…

…Then the Diety’s wrath was kindled against the people, and their pride, for all the abominations they wrought, and allowed a pestilence to spread forth, one created in accident from their own sacrilege…
The equation for a stable tachyon portal is L10=Ω∑/3╪ὧ.2
And as human life diminished, one man built four arks
…Amongst the surviving races of the Earth were hidden tokens of proof that a great people had once lived amongst them…
…Chromosomal fusion can be stabilized in a mescapolymer solution and then transferred into a mitochondrial templature…
            Myriad. The adolescent boy clutched at his hea
The Adventurers: Good-Guys for Hire Bk. 1 Ch. 2            When Anna Lankenau was six, she had wanted to be a policewoman. She had often used scraps of rope as impromptu handcuffs to bind her playmates by the wrists—a stunt that her parents tried multiple times to forbid after she ended up cutting off circulation in a friend’s hands. All that predated the trend of popular forensic TV shows, but as she examined the note with latex gloves, her childhood dream flashed through her mind and she had to stifle inappropriate giddiness.
            She worked from a small lab set up within a conference room, a large rectangular chamber with the same off-white carpet as their private suites, slate-blue walls that echoed the color of the ocean at dawn, and ample lighting intended to eliminate every shadow from the room. A colossal wooden table occupied the room’s center, at the foot of which she sat as everyone watch
The Adventurers: Good-Guys for Hire Bk. 1 Ch. 3            Adrenaline left Harith gasping for breath by the time he got to Anna and Helens’ door. He pounded his fist against it, abandoning all sense of the upper-class dignity his mother always imposed on him. The confrontation between two of his guardians had shaken his core.
            And he had every right to be disturbed. Riza Khomeini had been one of the few constants throughout his life. The man had served his father since before Harith’s birth, showing loyalty and distinction back when the Pahlavis battled Iramabad’s corrupt previous regime. Khomeini was a good man, though prone to hotheaded action… a flaw which kept him in the station of a captain. But Riza had never uttered a word of complaint. He was content to serve Ismail Pahlavi as a soldier. Stark –that was the English word that described him, and for some reason Harith li
The Adventurers: Good-Guys for Hire Bk. 1 Ch. 4            With midnight approaching, the president and his family retired. As usual, Iramabadian guards kept vigil around, above, beneath, and at the front door of their room. That gave the Adventurers a few hours to themselves, too. Even though Isaac was perfectly capable of locomotion, Anna kept an arm around her boyfriend as the three traipsed towards his suite. She wasn’t sure she agreed with his decision to fight the captain, but what was done was done and, she had to admit, she felt a perverse swell of pride. Her father would have been proud of him as well.
            As soon as they were sealed inside, Anna pulled a disposable blue packet from Isaac’s medi-kit and broke the capsule inside it. The blue stuff inside turned cold within seconds, enough time for Helen to commence the obligatory lecture. “I have to hand it to you. Whenever I think ‘B

The first story arc in my novel. Teenage mercenaries take on terrorists.

Questions of My Childhood
Author's note: This story is a prequel to On Second Thought and the rest of the stories in the series.
Argo’s newest recruit set Reilly Austin’s hackles on end. He skulked about and watched her when he thought she wasn’t looking, but he wasn’t as subtle as he thought, especially with a salty, rancid scent like his. Bathing seemed to be a foreign concept to him. And then there was his wide-eyed, paranoid stare—the kind a serial killer would have. Why her uncle Nicholas, Alpha of Argo, had seen fit to accept him into the pack, she didn’t understand, but it was not her place to question him. All she could do was keep her guard up.
He didn’t even have a last name. What was this guy’s deal? Who the hell was just called “Sammy,” anyway?
“To my niece, Fortune!” bellowed Nicholas, known to his packmates as Odysseus. “Named
Chainsaw growls and guttural screams disrupted the peace of the pre-dawn hours. The dour smell of blood completed the picture: Someone was being murdered within the borders of Argo, and two werewolves diverted their patrol to ensure their land was not being used as an execution ground. As the crisis resonated through the forest, Sammy—known to his brethren as Phoenix—felt a surge of anxiety, and channeled that nervous energy into his speed.
 What they discovered was an unexpected sight, to say the least: two rogue werewolves, easily identified by their gaunt skin and ragged pelts, beating another to death. Werewolf fights were everyday occurrence, but attempted murder inside someone else’s territory was not. The Argo pack did not care for intruders; trouble-making intruders were cast out with extreme prejudice.
He didn’t have time to think before Hatchet howled a battle-cry and charged into the fray. Sammy, urged by instinct and loyalty, followed his mentor

The further adventures of everybody's favorite inferiority-plagued werewolf, Samson Phoenix.

The Next StageDis Carson and Zriz dropped their guns and raised their hands—on in Zriz’s case, claws—into the air. Zriz spat at the feet of the Eubolan holding them at gunpoint. Dis shared the sentiment. Out of habit, he berated himself. He should have seen the signs of ambush before boarding the derelict and called in the authorities. As if the life of a search and rescue unit wasn’t dangerous enough, he’d had to go charging into the dead ship looking for survivors. Trying to be a hero.
Instead, it looked like he was going to be just another victim. A five-year veteran should have known better.
“Look, just take the rations and go,” Dis said. “Shit ain’t even expensive.”
“Do not tell me you are afraid of death, Carson,” said Zriz with that clicking noise he had for a laugh.
“Hell no,” he said. “But dying at the hands of a filthy pirate over a measly box of food rations isn’t what I want carved as an epita

“You humans have such odd concepts of death. To my people, there is no such thing as a ‘proud’ death. There is only tragedy.”

Darla the Dragon Tries to DecieveDarla the Dragon was lonely.
Dragons do not get along with each other. They all like treasure so much, that they can’t trust other dragons around their piles and piles of gold. So Darla didn’t have any dragon friends.
Humans are scared of dragons. A long time ago, a dragon did bad things like steal sheep and eat some village girls, and it made humans think all dragons were bad. That’s called stereotyping. So Darla didn’t have any human friends.
Dwarfs never came out of their tunnels, and they smell like mold. So Darla didn’t have any dwarf friends.
So Darla decided to post an ad on Craigslist.
“I want a Friend,” she titled it. And in the post she wrote:
“I am a princess. I want a friend who will like my collection of gold and jewels, but not steal them. Must not be afraid of dragons. Must not be smelly.”
But Darla wasn’t a princess. She had more gold and jewels than a princess, but she was still a dragon.
The next day, Darla g

Looking for love in all the wrong places.
I would prefer any illustrations of this piece be done in a childrens' storybook style.

Force of NatureIt was a barely-inhabitable rock of a planet. "World" was too generous a word to describe it. "World" implied hospitability. Winds of unbreathable atmosphere hurled frozen flakes of ammonium at velocities that made flight impossible. Cybertronians had to teleport in to access the small fortress hidden in an obscure portion of the planet's surface. Why anyone would go there willingly was the very explanation of their presence: such a miserable corner of the universe was the perfect place to hide a precious cargo, and the ten-mech team hired to keep it safe. This day and age of the Pax Cybertronia made jobs a lot more interesting for Scope and his crew.
The winds rattled against the metal walls and the wailing assault of wind could be heard even through their thick protection. And this was a good day. Inside one of the dimly-lit rooms, Scope glanced up from his hand of cards. "So Boomer, how's it going with you and that femme back home? Whatwashername?"
"Tank," Boomer replied. "And it's

It was picking them off, one by one.

Previous Years' Winners:

but you CAN fall off a cliff by Underbase
Last Moment by Nightenscythe
Apex Predator by Sidonie
Ami Yamamoto by Sidonie

And finally, I want to give a shout-out of thanks to everyone else who's entered in the past years. Go check out their pages!
:iconcanalus: :iconkingoji: :iconbluetabbycat: :icondrugtito: :iconzimeta: :iconsilvermender: :iconneotericshaman: :iconrene-l: :iconcharger426: :icontessalouise: :iconacantha-fire: :iconhellbat: :iconindiwolfonline: :iconreeves83: :iconmegaluka: :iconbmwslavka: :iconfiamocmyn: :icon88hypnotist8: :icontoscabear: :iconunokitsune: :icontriple--eight: :iconj-grey: :iconjeremycoffey: :iconlatent-ookami: :icon7demented: :iconj-rayner: :iconanubis-x:

And finally, have some awesome music to get you pumped! (skip to 00:55 to bypass the intro)


It's always baffled me how Transformers fangirls constantly ship characters who barely have anything to do with each other, like Hound/Mirage and Prowl/Jazz, but completely ignore two characters who can't keep their hands off each other, Hoist and Grapple.
I still can't believe we're getting GORILLA GRODD on television. The only thing wilder would be if they throw in Monsieur Mala, his French gay necrophiliac cousin.
It's only March and we're already hitting 90-degree weather in Tucson, that is SO depressing.


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JZLobo has started a donation pool!
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Donated points will go to contests I hold.

I am also willing to beta-read on commission. 100 points for every 1,000 words will get you my proofreading skills and any thoughts/comments I might have on your writing.
Bargain Coloring Commissions!You know you want to commission me, because I'm super cheap.
$4.50 for a character (+$1 for each additional character/body)

$7.50 for a full image with background

And throw in an extra $5 for characters with this level of fur-detail:

$4.50 for a character (+$1 for each additional character/body)
Megatron Triple Threat by JZLobo
Lawman by JZLobo Commission: Miss Martian by JZLobo

$7.50 for a full image with background
Dinosaur Invasion by JZLobo Doctor Who: The Enemy Within by JZLobo

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