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STAMPS TO SUIT EVERYONE, Issue 18Well yet again, its been a while since I have done an article like this, real life always seems to get in the way, deaths and college this time.
Anyway here we go again.
Good Boys and Bad Boys Stamp by Humble-Novice STAMP: Not a trend. by CosmicQueenie Mountains stamp. by livinladolcevita Love poison stamp. by livinladolcevita No Brony Love or Tolerance by World-Hero21 Love needs gender by I-Take-It-Back :thumb283680673: Level 99 Player Stamp by Humble-Novice Smile by Marzarret Whitney Houston by PigsTail Stop Being Offended For Me by genkistamps Stamp: Bubble Tea Love by TheSaltyMonster Whitney Houston by HopesForFun777 I love Sparkle and Glitter by Snow-Body Meat lover by prosaix The End of The World by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Laughing Stamp by SparklyDest Inspirational Quote CE: Born This Way by lightpurge Inspired by a kid by impersonalinfo Needed to Be Stamp by Mirz123 Canon X OC Pairings by Sparkleee-Sprinkle Cover matters by I-Take-It-Back My dog is fine with it by I-Take-It-Back Change username by prosaix +Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu Community Projects Stamp by ClefairyKid Arichy Support Stamp by renekotte christblock by Dametora I Have Silent Watchers Stamp by Torotix +Stamp+ MarySue so what by TenshiNoFuu :thumb278939695: Merry Christmas Stamp by fear-the-brilliance I Love Bad Fanfiction by genkistamps Lorum Ipsum! by NorthboundFox Coziness-compliant Literature by CassidyPeterson Child pageantry should be illegal... by BlackJill Crazy ones stamp by dazza1008 FGM Awareness by savagebinn :thumb28267267

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February 1, 2012
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:new:4.23 The deadline approacheth! For those of you still working on your entries, better get a move on!

This was such a success last year that I'm doing it again for my 25th birthday!

The Challenge:
Pick your favorite story from the list below and draw a scene or characters from it! I try to be diverse in my writing; Action, drama, science fiction, romance, humans, robots... There should be something in there for everybody. This year's pool has some old classics and some new favorites. Some characters have reference pictures already, but some have never been visually depicted before. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Some stories contain characters that belong to other people but feel free to draw them as well. You may enter as many times as you like.

The Rules:
:bulletgreen:Two months should be plenty time for everyone, so I'll set the deadline for April 30th. However, if anyone needs an extension by then I will be willing to push it back.
:bulletgreen:To enter, Watch me so you can get updates for the contest. You can always un-watch me after it's all over.
:bulletgreen:In the description under your entry, include a link to the original story and this contest article.
:bulletgreen:Send your entries to me in a note so I can add them to this folder.
:bulletgreen:No base-"art"!

The Prizes:
Fourth Place
:bulletblue: A one-month Premie (or equivalent points)!
Third Place
:bulletorange: Fancy Narwhal sticker set I graciously donated by aunjuli!
:bulletorange:500:points: graciously donated by viralremix!
:bulletorange:A three-month Premie (or equivalent points)!
Second Place
:bulletwhite: Fancy Narwhal sticker set II graciously donated by aunjuli!
:bulletwhite:A three-month Premie (or equivalent points) graciously donated by a deviant who wishes to remain anonymous.
:bulletwhite:A (used) copy of The Best of Kansas--my favorite band!
First Place
:bulletyellow:A ONE-YEAR Premie(or equivalent points)!
:bulletyellow:A Fancy Button set graciously donated by aunjuli!
:bulletyellow:A brand-spankin' new RHYTHM-brand MP3 PLAYER with about ONE HUNDRED OF MY FAVORITE SONGS loaded into it!

[I suppose this is the place where I ask if anyone is interested in donating prizes in exchange for the feature in this journal.]

Someday, I hope to be a published author. If my dreams come true then eventually it won't be hard for me to browse for fan art based off my stories. Til then, though, this will be a good start!

Original Stories

An atypical romance story between a young man and woman with emotional baggage... and a supernatural twist!

Written for Halatia's Elemental Hero challenge. A soldier with the element of Tantalum must recruit two delinquent elementals.
Wolf BrothersHe had always known he was different from the other wolves. And therein lay the key of his difference: knowing. When he looked into the eyes of his packmates, they did not flicker with the candlelights of souls behind them. The same complicated emotions that he himself felt, he could not sense coming from his brethren. In a way, he envied them. They all seemed so blissful, so content, even in moments of strife. Just being different was enough to weigh heavily upon him, and the fact that he could comprehend worry when the others could not became in and of itself a vicious cycle. Was there something wrong with him? Why did existence itself have to be such a yoke?
There was only one like him – his blood-brother, his littermate. When their eyes met they could have complex conversations with a combination of their expressions and their emotional connection. They had their own language. They knew and understood each other. Little Brother had the same emotions that he did… th

A pair of wolf cubs don't belong with their pack.

A prince embarks upon a quest to rescue a princess... with a talking velociraptor to help him.
"Professor Sewell! Come quickly! You're not bloody going to believe this!"
Professor Elizabeth Sewell gave the intern a cross glare through her glasses. She was a middle-aged woman, with red hair just beginning to silver. She was not finicky about her appearance, yet she tried very hard to avoid the "stern librarian" appearance displayed by many of her colleagues. "Language, Mister Porter. If you wish to be a professional, you'll need to control that hasty tongue of yours."
"Right sorry," young Porter gasped obligatorily as he shoved aside both flaps that served as the door to her tent and beckoned her outside. He was a consummate portrayal of young adulthood: longish hair that constantly dangled over his brows, sloppily-shaven stubble, and lose, dirty clothes. Dark brown hair and eyes were the only color contrasting an otherwise pasty complexion. "But you must come see this! We've found something in the cave!"
Elizabeth sighed as she closed her archeology book, obviously in no hurry.

The archeological discovery of the century proves the existence of werewolves... or does it? This story ties in to the universe of the novel I'm writing.
Fire With Fire
Part 1: Life and Death
Many often spoke of the price of life. Philosophers in nearly every civilization had dedicated their entire lives to speculating on it. One race had even attempted to build a computer the size of a city in an attempt to quantify it. But whatever the price of life was, one thing was sure: It was steep.
It was sometimes easy to forget just how precious life could be after gaining immortality and leading a life of warfare. The Maximal who called himself Gunslinger was not only gaining a lesson in perspective, but economics. Security work paid dirt, even in the slums where guards were paid relatively well. Nevertheless, he had been scrimping and saving for the past thirty years, working until he had enough energon to build a new body one part at a time and grant it the gift of life. He had even sacrificed maintenance on himself and his blue and yellow paint job was mostly worn away. Though, it was hard to tell in the shimmering violet and blue hues of light pr
Nothing is more dangerous than a soul with nothing left to lose, including his humanity.
The Warrior's PathHe had decided. As his sensei had taught him, a warrior needed to be resolute. Ironic, then, that the warrior's interpretation of his master's teachings had led him down a path that separated him from said master. Sensei had disapproved of his intentions, saying that he sought glory, not honor. But were they not the same thing? Glory could not be achieved without honor, and honor meant nothing without glory.
He walked through the hallways of the Astrological Imperium. Such a duplicitous hideaway was hardly becoming of the future conquerors of Cybertron. But then, the legends said that the original Megatron had founded the Decepticon movement amongst worse straights. The Predacons were repeating history, but they would learn from the mistakes of their ancestors. This new Megatron had assured him of a grand plan to wipe Cybertron free from the stranglehold of hypocritical, oppressive Maximals. They would succeed where the Decepticons had failed.
He hesitated at the entrance of Megatron's

"I, Dynobot, pledge myself to your cause," he rasped. "My sword is yours. I will stand by your side as we terrorize our enemies."
PartnersThis time was different. Once the news hit the airwaves, Catilla knew Cybertron would never be the same again. Sentinel Prime was dead, and Kaon was lost to this movement of insurgents.
Being a Private Optic meant keeping aware of political machinations, both aboveground and under. The ascension of the Decepticons was no surprise, but the murder of Sentinel shocked Catilla utterly. He deactivated the newsfeed. He and his partner Carnivac had a neutrality policy unless paid to intervene. They had enough enemies; they didn't need to go actively seeking more. And this… was just way beyond them.
What he needed was a leggy, mysterious femmebot to barge in with a case. Or at least for Carnivac actually come in to work today. He hadn't shown up for work in over two mega-cycles now.
No, he decided, what he needed was a cy-gar. Since he was fresh out, he decided to help himself to Carnivac's stockpile. He wouldn't mind. He trudged over to Carnivac's desk, opened the drawer… and found

At some point or another, a 'bot will be forced to choose between their best friend… or their beliefs. There needs to be more fan art for Carnivac and Catilla!
One is the Loneliest NumberOptimus Prime wasn't sure why he had come here. The journey to "Dinobot Island" and Black's laboratory had an almost dream-like quality in his memory banks and he had only gotten here five cycles ago. He'd managed to avoid the Dinobots during his journey, thankfully - he didn't want to be bothered. But now he was here and wondering just what force had compelled him to make this expedition.
He stood motionless as he recalled the last time he had been here, some weeks ago. Blackarachnia had extorted him to fetch a component for Prometheus Black so he could experiment on her and the scientist had, of course, betrayed her. Optimus had acted without thinking then too, rescuing her more out of reflex than conscious decision. Of course if he had paused to think about it, he would have done the same thing anyway. He still cared about her.
After Elita-1's apparent death, he had always fantasized about what life would have been like if she'd lived. Commanding a ragtag crew repairing space-bridge

Honored 2 Have Gotten DD Stamp by Mirz123I guess I have to feature this one, don't I? :XD:
The Hermit's Tale
The Hermit was nonplussed to see him. He sat cross-legged and didn't look up from his fireplace as he spoke, "Playing hooky again, I see. What was your name again? Never mind, it's not important."
"It's not?" the Boy asked, tilting his head with curiosity.
"Names are only titles arbitrarily given to us by others," the Hermit said with a sniff. He poked at the flames with a stick before finally looking up… but at the orange sky, not at the Boy. "I can't say I blame you for skipping school on a day like this. Southern Gallifrey does not see many beautiful days this time of the year." Thick clouds drifted across the midday sun, shielding them from its heat. Today was a casual day suited for leisure, not tedious, rigorous studies.
The Boy stole a good look at the Hermit, who had just regenerated a few days ago. The old man had a fresh, youthful face that belied his hundreds of years of age. His soft, rounded features seemed like the face of a baby and an old man simultaneously. But hi

"There was once an old hermit from the mountains of south Gallifrey. ...He used to tell me ghost stories. I like a ghost story. Do you want to hear one?" -The Fourth Doctor

One final bit of small print: I reserve the right to cancel the contest if I receive fewer than four entries. If that is the case then I will give one of the entrants a three-month Premie and everyone else 200:points:.
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